In the Classroom - Middles

MIDDLES – The Melbourne Stars

 What an exciting start to the term we’ve had! All of the Melbourne Stars have loved getting to know our new principal Mr Johnson, having lots of chats about all the fabulous learning and playing that goes on in our beautiful little school.
We would like to say a HUGE congratulations to all of the Middles for their extraordinary participation at the Hooptime competition last week. Our kids constantly make us feel so proud, especially when we are out and about in the community. The teachers never get sick of hearing what great sportsmanship and respect our students display and they should all feel very proud of themselves too. Thank you to Mr Adams for organising not only the event, but also the team coaches from Berwick Secondary school. It was excellent to see lots of parents coming along to support their young basketballers too, your cheering was most impressive
As you are aware our DL topic this term involves the whole school investigating all things ‘China’. We have been busy orientating ourselves, looking at exact locations of places in the country and famous landmarks (one of which was where Miss Yin comes from!!) The Middles have been discussing Chinese inventions and we cannot believe how old many inventions are.
Our ‘Seven Steps’ journey has continued to motivate us and has already developed so many skills in our young writers. We have loved developing ‘sizzling starts’ and we have included a few here for you to enjoy.

1 - Lightning flashed. The ground chased and boomed. In the middle, I spy a house, it had broken wooden planks and smashed windows. I stepped in cautiously.   (Jonathan)

2 – Ring! Ring! Ring! The sound of jingling bells fill the air. I peep out of the window. (Michelle)

3 – I’m in the dark, trees blowing, curtains opening. I’m……. (William)

We will be soon learning about ‘tightening the tension’. The progress made has been truly amazing with our students analysing all the different ways we can ‘hook’ the audience in as an effective writer. With such an amazing program being implemented throughout our school, it means that everyone is using consistent language and methods in the teaching and learning of writing.
This week, we have jumped back into Maths Groups. After assessing the children, the Middles and Seniors have been placed into a group that will target their personal skills and understandings in the area of Fractions and Decimals. We have reminded our kids that Maths Groups are ‘fluid’ and may change according to their level of confidence and personal learning goals. It’s about feeling safe and willing to ‘take risks’ amongst learners with like understandings. Classroom Maths is focusing on ‘shape’ and sharing knowledge and strategies to solve related problems. Ask your ‘Middle’ what they know!!

Finally, can we say a big thank you to all of the parents and grandparents that come into the classroom in whatever capacity to help out… you really do enhance not just the learning at Harkaway, but the community culture for our kids.

 Hoop time reflections

Hoop time was awesome! I scored about 50 times and I love getting active (Matthew)

 Hoop time was fun because there was lots of teamwork and everyone got a go. (Declan)

 Hoop time was so much fun. I didn’t realise, but now I really want to start playing. The funniest part was when I went sliding across the floor and one of my shoes was in the middle of the court. We won 1 game out of 5. (Kaitlyn)

 Well, I really liked that everyone was using teamwork. Everyone was nice to each other and it was a really good experience. (Evie)

 The Middles team J