About Us - Harkaway

Look after own and others’ property. Use manners. Value yourself and others.

Stick to commitments. Be reliable. Be honest and truthful to yourself and others.

Follow through on commitments. Allow others to follow through on their commitments. Show confidence in others and the school community.

Work cooperatively as part of a team. Value teamwork and all contributions to tasks. Demonstrate initiative. Be Proactive. Students will be grouped in a multi-aged structure.

Look out for each other. Help others in need. Show kindness. Include others. Be thoughtful.

Appreciate that everyone is different and has individual strengths and weaknesses. Respect the values of others. Listen to the opinions of others. Be considerate, accept and show understanding of others.

Value the work of yourself and others. Speak positively about students, teachers and the whole school community. Recognise and congratulate achievement.

Outcomes For Our Students 
To instil a love of learning. To achieve their maximum potential. Show willingness to take a risk and accept challenges. Become independent, well-rounded learners. Show respect for self and others and value individual differences. Show awareness of being part of a community and value contributions to it. To be self-confident and optimistic.